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Global Corporate Actions

Prime Clerk’s unmatched public securities and solicitation expertise provides clients with the comprehensive resources they need to execute their corporate transactions globally. 

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100+ years of expertise advising and processing the most complex global corporate actions.

During each corporate action engagement, Prime Clerk’s team offers critical services to issuers and their advisors to effectuate a seamless and successful event, including:

  • Collaborate with issuers and their advisors to craft workable, strategic event mechanics and procedures to administer and effectuate the applicable event (with a unique specialization in complex deal structures)
  • Diligently review event documentation to ensure accurate reflection of the event process in an understandable and clear manner
  • Utilize crucial, long-standing relationships with depositories (such as DTC, Euroclear and Clearstream), brokers, intermediaries, transfer agents and indenture trustees
  • Targeted, strategic dissemination of event documentation utilizing specialized procedures to notice holders of publicly held securities
  • Creation of detailed and customized event transaction reporting
  • Thoroughly audited event tabulation and result analysis
  • Establish dedicated call centers to assist holders to participate
  • Expert coordination of ultimate payments and distributions of cash and new securities (as applicable)

Prime Clerk’s suite of services enables us to assist with a wide range of global corporate action events, such as:

  • Consent solicitations
  • Tender and exchange offers of equity and debt
  • Mandatory exchanges
  • Reorganizations and debt restructurings
  • Distribution elections
  • Rights offerings
  • Loan syndications
  • Reverse splits
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Proxy solicitations, annual and special meetings
  • International transactions (schemes of arrangement)
  • Issuances of public and private securities
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Providing Clients with Unrivaled End-to-End Support in Restructurings.


End-to-end restructuring administration services provided by unrivaled experts and technology.

Through a combination of in-depth subject matter expertise, global capabilities and flexible technology tools Prime Clerk can help clients.

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Comprehensive support solving our clients’ most complex business needs through the use of global subject-matter experts and agile technology solutions.

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Notice Media Solutions

Market-leading team of media strategists providing customized digital and multimedia legal notice solutions.

Notice Media Solutions

Settlement Administration

Cutting-edge administration solutions to address class actions, government remediations and mass tort settlements in the evolving global regulatory framework.

Settlement Administration
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