Cutting-edge administration solutions to address class actions, government remediations and mass tort settlements in the evolving global regulatory framework.

The old ways no longer best serve clients, their consumers or the judicial system. End users and courts are continually becoming more aware and involved with how settlement administrations are handled – having lasting brand impact.  

Our competitors have not evolved. Instead they continue to rely on shortcuts, antiquated
sub-scale systems and manual processes to over promise and under-deliver. 

Prime Clerk is different. Our cutting-edge proprietary technology platform is unlike anything in the industry. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts with decades of experience managing some of the largest and most complex settlement administrations in U.S. history. We partner with clients and recognize their brands and reputations are on the line with courts and their constituents. Our people, technology and level of professionalism continue to set us apart as the trusted partner for all types of complex settlement administrations, including: 

  • Government enforcement and remediation matters
  • Data breach class actions
  • Antitrust class actions 
  • Consumer class actions
  • Securities class actions
  • Mass tort administration

Our team of experts assists clients globally across the complex legal administration landscape by providing a full suite of services, including: 

  • Pre-settlement consultation 
  • Customized notice media solutions
  • Proprietary claims processing and analysis 
  • Strategic communications and global contact center
  • Customized website and database design and management 
  • Secure disbursements and settlement distributions
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